Der Fan (director Eckhart Schmidt in person!)

“Imagine a John Hughes vehicle with Michael Haneke in the driver’s seat and you’re getting close.” — Spectacle Theater

An utterly decimating study in the depths of teenage obsession, bathed in a glimmering pool of ice-cold synths, Der Fan sports the youngest protagonist in our “House of Psychotic Women” series, but perhaps one of the most fucked-up and deadliest! Filmed just after the equally heavy German teens-outta-whack epic Christiane F., Der Fan is the sweet and simple story of Simone (a freakishly amazing Désirée Nosbusch), a pubescent celebrity stalker who crushes hard on “R”, a distant, Gary Numan-esque pop star (played by the real-life leader of NDW synthpop group Rheingold.) When her overzealous puppy love turns to disillusionment with both “R” and the music biz, it’s time to hide the kitchen knives, for a bloodthirsty Simone comes out swingin’. Decked out with an astounding shock ending, toe-tapping tunes and a kick-ass amount of great atmosphere, this violent ode to New Wave teenybopper angst was never released stateside, so come be one of the first Angelenos ever to ever catch this doozy on the big screen! Director Eckhart Schmidt will be here in person for a Q&A after the film!
Dir. Echkart Schmidt, 1982, digital presentation, 92 min.

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