Dementia (live narration by Paul F. Tompkins, live score by Eban Schletter!)

You there, sitting smug at home, gazing into the soft light of your computer screen — do you know what horror is? Can you comprehend the umbral depths of a demented mind — the demons that lurk at the center of the human soul? Come take a lurid journey through Dementia, set in the underbelly of Venice, California, and led by an unhinged woman all too eager to dive down society’s drain into a nightmare world of leering eyes and shadowy faces! Dementia, a mid-’50s film noir oddity featuring no spoken dialogue, was later recut into the even stranger Daughter of Horror, featuring a wildly arch, throaty narration by Ed McMahon; tonight, you’ll be guided through a special screening of this gem of weirdness by the ghastly live narration of Paul F. Tompkins & guest Matt Gourley (of Superego), and the spine-tingling accompaniment of Eban Schletter (music man of “Mr. Show”)! They’ll lead you into the smoky labyrinth of a hell so groovy, only the straightest of squares would dare turn away from its jazz-laced majesty. Be warned, you cozy little creature, for a world that’s frothing just beneath your feet!

Watch the trailer for “Dementia” aka “Daughter of Horror”!