La Vampire Nue (Re-Vamped Re-Mix, world premiere live score by Demdike Stare!) + Daughters of Darkness

Co-presented by B-Music/Finders Keepers Records and Mount Analog

British duo of darkness Demdike Stare creeps upon the Cinefamily for the world premiere of their doomy, occult-laden ghost-ambient score to of one of the most visually stunning erotic horror films ever! Single-handedly crafting a new genre, Sean Canty and Miles Whittaker are the purveyors of the “hauntology” aesthetic: the dual planes of desert gothtronics as the backdrop for a witches’ cult ritual dance deep in the El Topian wasteland — and the exotic, balmy and grotesque industrial-scapes born out of the duo’s Lancashire background. Tonight, Demdike Stare (named after a famous Pendle witch) re-vamp and re-craft their asymmetrical dub-isms to a special streamlined version of La Vampire Nue, Jean Rollin’s surrealistic 1970 classic of beguiling bloodthirtsy babes and fantastical phantasms! After the break, it’s a 35mm repertory screening of the highly-stylized 1971 Euro-vamp cult classic Daughters of Darkness. Pure licentious macabre develops out of the familiar story of a newlywed couple arriving at a abandoned gothic hotel for a short spell, only to descend into a world of sadism, obsession, sex, death, and of course — vampires! DJs Wesley Eisold (of Cold Cave) and Becka Diamond will be here to spin tunes before and after the films!
“La Vampire Nue”: Re-Vamped Re-Mix Dir. Jean Rollin, 1971, digital presentation, 50 min.
Daughters of Darkness Dir. Harry Kumel, 1971, 35mm, 87 min.

Watch the Demdike Stare video “Forest Of Evil (Dawn)”!
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Watch the trailer for the original version of “La Vampire Nue”!
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Watch the trailer for “Daughters of Darkness”!
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