Death Line (aka Raw Meat, w/ Gary Sherman, David Ladd, Paul Maslansky, and Jay Kanter in person)

Restored director’s cut!

A good cannibal film is best when rare, and for many years there was none rarer than Death Line, or as it was known here in the states, Raw Meat. Thankfully, due to home video, horror fans have been able to discover Gary Sherman’s wondrously bleak and gruesome 70s shocker, finally unearthed from its subterranean depths. The set-up is absolutely brilliant – far beneath the London streets, in Victorian catacombs, the last of a lineage of cannibals (the terrifyingly feral Hugh Armstrong, in a role nearly played by Marlon Brando!) prowls for fresh meat, pursued by a police detective played by the great Donald Pleasance. Sherman masterfully milks his setting for suffocating claustrophobia and dread, climaxing in a stomach-wrenching, gore-shock of an ending that will burn itself into your mind forever… and possibly leave you with some unholy cravings of your own. Join us for this filmic feast in the rarest of presentations – on the big screen!

Dir. Gary Sherman, 1972, DCP, 87 min.

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