Dead & Buried

From the directorial genius who brought you both the ‘80s urban grimesploitation classic Vice Squad and the ‘70s subterranean zombie chompfest Raw Meat — and from the pen of the creator of both Alien and Return of the Living Dead! Oh, yeah, and with SFX by Stan Winston too! The sheriff of a sleepy New England town makes all kinds of exaggerated upset faces when the local populace begins engaging in mass homicide. It seems that every other citizen in Potter’s Bluff is in on the dirty doin’s, including Robert “Freddy” Englund, all-American dreamgirl Lisa Blount and a charmingly feeble 90-year-old undertaker who couldn’t be more pleased by the sudden increase in his revenue. Though the film unfolds with Bradbury-esque fairytale weirdness, there’s more than a few bucketfuls of shocking gore, including a downright brain-curdling showdown between a hypodermic needle and an eyeball. Blecccchhh!!!
Dir. Gary Sherman, 1981, 35mm, 92 min.

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