Dark Desire

Starring: Kelly Lynch, Nic Robuck, Brian Borello, Jarrett Sleeper, Mika Boorem, John Laughlin, with Nia Peeples and Michael Nouri

When Caren, an unhappily married woman, loses her son in a tragic accident, she turns to her son’s college roommate, Shane, for comfort. Unbeknownst to her workaholic husband, Caren begins an affair with Shane and finds herself falling in love. It’s only then that she begins to discover that her son’s death may not have been an accident and that Shane may be responsible. Caren goes to her son’s college and begins to uncover more evidence implicating her young lover. She confronts Shane and though he vehemently denies it, panic sets in and he begins to spiral out of control. Desperate to keep Caren in his grip and not have her find out the truth, Shane starts killing anyone who might stand in his way. Terrified that she could be the next target, Caren goes to the police. But the police won’t listen. Then, her husband is run off the road and Caren realizes that it’s up to her to protect what’s left of her family and not give in to Shane’s Dark Desire.