"DANGEROUS MEN" free ringtone!

An accidental master of the fully synthesized soundtrack, John Rad’s compositions for his feature film Dangerous Men are powerful earworms, capable of embedding themselves deep in your brain, coloring the rest of your day with their catchy, inimitable weirdness.

The title-card track, the one which inspired all those listening to clap along to Sunday’s screening, is the crème de la crème of minimalistic, digital funkiness. To put it bluntly, I challenge you not to pigeon neck to this class-A track.

It’s like John Rad is the Stephen Hawking of funk, a true genius of boogieology confined to a compressed range of tinny, bloopy bleeps and jagged saw waves – somehow capable of expressing the brilliance and universality of his musical ideas despite the crippling limitations of his audio interface. This shit is groovy on a budget, yo.

The song’s structure also invites participation. One cycle through the repetition and you’re begging for that incredible descending riff, the one that teases you with the perfectly timed cymbal crash before diving down your ear-hole. Halfway through our Everything Is Festival! screening of the film, everyone in the audience was trying their best to sing along and clap to the beat. I caught a few folks muttering about how badly they wanted the soundtrack. While we may never have a full Dangerous Men OST, we’ll sure as hell give you funk junkies your fix.

And for the hardcore fans, here’s a ringtone version for the iPhone – you’ll probably miss a few phone calls just to hear it play through.


John S. Rad – Dangerous Men Theme Song (MP3)
John S. Rad – Dangerous Men Theme Song (iPhone ringtone)