Dangerous Men (12/5)

Forgot Troll 2, forget the collective works of Ed Wood, forget The Visitor, forget BirdemicDangerous Men is THE holiest of all Holyfuckingshits. Trying to describe this film to those who haven’t seen it is a nearly pointless exercise — even its late director John S. Rad himself relied on a cacophony of mixed adjectives in his great tagline: “An unforgettable comedy suspense, mystery drama” (not our comma). In its initial mysterious one-week L.A. theatrical run back in 2005, in which it was booked into EIGHT theaters in the same Los Angeles arthouse chain, this inexplicable-in-every-way film was viewed by literally about 50 people. These intrepid viewers, whenever they run into each other at a party or BBQ, will swap stories like veterans of a great war battle, eagerly recounting practically every scene in the picture in minute detail to each other, in no particular order of awesomeness, savoring every memory. Just for you (and us), we’ve plucked the film again from the clutches of oblivion to give to you one of the most singularly unique movie experiences you’ve had in years, so that you too may join the cult, and find yourself muttering the code words “Dangerous Men” to strangers.

Dir. John S. Rad, 2005, 35mm, 80 min.

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