DANCE/MACABRE HALLOWEEN PARTY: Ariel Pink's Darkened Corridors & "The Sound Stage Massacre"

Every Halloween is the most hallowed time of the year for Cinefamily — it’s both the right time to get down and party, and to celebrate our birthday. We first opened our doors on October 25th, 2007, and to mark the occasion, we give you a late-night audio-visual blowout featuring not just one, but two incredible multimedia mashups of atmospheric dread: Ariel Pink’s Darkened Corridors, and the first West Coast performance of the live score “The Sound Stage Massacre” (presented by our friends at NYC’s SPECTACLE THEATER!)

Picture Cinefamily as a 30-seat microcinema set in a former bodega space — along with an equal amount of passion, dedication and adventurous enthusiasm — and you’ve got Brooklyn’s fantastic Spectacle Theater. These folks do great work, and we’re super-stoked to bring out to L.A. one of their best live score events of 2013, set to Michele Soavi’s glitzy 1987 giallo Stage Fright: Aquarius. The body count rises, as an escaped mental patient stalks players in a theatrical troupe, and as live performers MIL KDU DES layer on their dreamy, glitchy electronic sheen — producing a phantasmagorical reinterpretation of this glossy shocker.

A new project for L.A.’s own master of melted soundscapes: a macabre, erotic hallucination of a live show, complete with incantations, live dancers and claustrophobic compositions. In an intimate solo musical performance, Ariel will interact with a Cinefamily mix of early surrealist short films and experiments — be transported as haunting imagery and tilted tunes become one.

NOTE: THIS EVENT IS 21+. Tickets are sold to our facility’s capacity (auditorium, patio, upstairs, etc.) Entrance to the party does not guarantee seating in the main auditorium throughout the evening.

Watch the trailer for our Dance/Macabre Halloween Party!
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