Cria Cuervos + The Spirit Of The Beehive

Cria Cuervos – 7:45pm
Anchored by a shockingly assured performance by 10-year-old actress Ana Torrent, filmmaking luminary Carlos Saura’s Cria Cuervos (winner of the Special Jury Prize Awards at Cannes ‘76) deftly explores the uncertainties of adolescence as it follows a young girl coping with the deaths of her parents, during the waning days of Franco’s rule over Spain. Aided by an equally haunting turn by Geraldine Chaplin in dual roles, Torrent powers the film with her heart-breaking characterization of a child forced into experiencing and decoding the emotional tumult of adulthood well before her time. Ripe with blackly comic touches and unafraid to break with formal storytelling technique, Saura’s film can be read as something of a forebearer to the suburban paranoia that permeated cinema in the 1980s -– a meditation on the inevitable creep of suspicion and doubt into a once-simple world view.
Dir. Carlos Saura, 1976, 35mm, 107 min.

The Spirit of the Beehive – 9:45pm
A haunting meditation on coming of age in the uneasy calm of post-Civil War Spain, Basque director Victor Erice’s debut kindled the flames of Spain’s post-dictator ‘70s filmic renaissance, and is undeniably one of the country’s standout films of its decade. Erice’s honey-golden palette floods this visually impeccable film’s rural village and idyllic natural surroundings with undeniable warmth, tempering a creeping sense of dread that’s as unfathomable as the saucer-eyed stare of the film’s young protagonist, played by the fantastic Ana Torrent. Erice explores everything from humankind’s deep relationship with nature (through mushroom hunting expeditions and beekeeping) to the power of film and the imagination, all distilled through Ana’s perspective, in one of the truly great performances by a child actor. The result is a work that’s as thematically expansive as its landscapes’ vast horizons, with a poetic focus that’s as precise as its gunfire.
Dir. Victor Erice, 1973, 35mm, 97 min.

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