Cold Fish (Saturday, 10:00pm)

Following in the footsteps of his previous landmark work Love Exposure, controversial Japanese director Sion Sono’s latest film to hit stateside is so intense and unique that Cinefamily is the only theatrical venue in Los Angeles that can bring it to you! We’re proud to present Cold Fish in a special two-evening run!

Right from its sucker-punch opening with its jagged hand written titles and razor editing, Sion Sono’s Cold Fish grabs you by the throat and drags you through an intense narrative of betrayal, infidelity and murder. Ostensibly inspired by the story of a real-life Japanese serial killer (who raised dogs, rather than fish), Cold Fish has all of Sono’s trademark brilliance and nihilism in its tale of sad-sack Shamoto (Mitsuru Fukikoshi), who’s stuck with a failing fish store and a family who hates him. When Shamoto meets the the charismatic and rich Murata, owner of a popular high-end fish shop and a hot-red Ferrari (Denden, in one of the greatest serial killer portrayals of the last few decades), his life changes irrevocably. “A picture that begins as a domestic family drama and slowly builds into a desperate fugue of violence and brutality, Cold Fish not only contains some of the most graphic imagery you will see on screen this year — including a sequence that I like to refer to as the year’s longest chase scene covering the least amount of distance — but also the philosophical and character underpinnings to make the violence matter. This is a picture about the human capacity for evil, one that not only asks the questions but is unafraid to gaze unflinchingly at the answer.” — Todd Brown,
Dir. Sion Sono, 2010, HDCAM, 144 min.

Watch the trailer for “Cold Fish”!
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