Close Encounters Of The Third Kind (brand-new 35mm print, 9/10)

From the first fly-over and the mashed potatoes meltdown to John Williams’ soaring synthesizer finale and peerless special effects from Douglas Trumbull and Carlo Rambaldi, this uniquely human epic still never fails to evoke a sense of awe and wonderment, tapping directly into our innate urge to understand our place in the universe. In contrast to the decades-long trend of cold, campy filmic encounters with alien visitors, Steven Spielberg constructed in 1977 one of the greatest films ever made on the uniquely American theme of suburban angst, merged seamlessly with starry-eyed pop metaphysics and a masterful, career-defining brand of astounding spatial design. Aiding the perfectly-tuned mix are masterful performances by Melinda Dillon as the terrified mother of the UFO-abducted little boy, Francois Truffaut(!) and Bob Balaban as the quirky scientific investigators — and quintessential Spielbergian everyday folks Richard Dreyfuss and Teri Garr, whose virtuosic scenes of domestic delirium remain some of the most captivating across the entire Spielberg universe. Take the journey with us, as we screen the definitive 1998 Director’s Cut edition of this towering classic in a brand-new 35mm print. Afterward? We’ll be watching the skies.
Dir. Steven Spielberg, 1977/1998, 35mm, 137 min.

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