Class of 1984 (brand-new 35mm print, 9/17)

As the school bell tolls on another Fall semester, and as the campus security guards fire up the ol’ metal detectors, we jubilate the season with a brand-new 35mm print of one of the Eighties’ most vicious, hateful and incendiary treatises against the scourge of youth! Whether you’re into punk, vengeance, or have just always fantasized about seeing Michael J. Fox get stabbed, this is one 50-pound sack of Armageddon you cannot miss. The scene is set: a rabid pack of rampaging delinquents run our schools, our drugs and our prostitutes. Brutality and decadence are everywhere. Enter novice teacher Perry King, who’s forced to violently turn the tables on the bloodthirsty gang before their trash wave swallows the town alive. Class of 1984 is a perfect exploitation film: it’s reentlessly seedy, overflowing with assault, suicide, racism, drug use and crime, crime, CRIME!, all of which is perpetrated by minors. But beyond all this, there’s a bitterly absorbing air of human helplessness and leather-clad heartlessness that makes this movie the flat-out best in its genre.
Dir. Mark L. Lester, 1982, 35mm, 98 min.

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