City of Women (Off-site at the Bob Baker Marionette Theater)

Pre-reception and drinks at 7pm
Show at 8pm (preceded by a puppet show!)

Late 70s feminism meets Fellini’s trademark whimsy in this Alice in Wonderland-esque tale, where our Alice is Snàporaz—a silver-haired Marcello Mastroianni—and our white rabbit is an enigmatic woman he meets on the train. The curious womanizer, in a role recalling 8 1/2’s Guido, is lured from the train down his rabbit hole: a remote hotel in the forest where a feminist conference is underway. From here on out, no one is spared satirization: men, women, womanizers, and feminists alike are caricatured. From a bawdy conference to an underground roller rink and an inescapable clown car, Snàporaz’s venture feels less like an journey through time and space than one through his subconscious itself, in what is perhaps a witty gesture of late-career self-reflection on Fellini’s part.

Dir. Federico Fellini, 1980, digital presentation, 139 min.

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