CINESPIA SALON: The Best of TVTV + "Lord of the Universe"

Co-presented by Cinespia & VHX.

Celebrate the hearty spirit of pioneering ‘70s television collective TVTV with a panel discussion/reunion of TVTV members, a video primer of past wonderful works (featuring collaborators like Bill Murray, Lily Tomlin & Chris Guest), and a screening of Lord of the Universe: their 1973 cultsploitation exposé on sixteen-year-old Guru Maharaj Ji and the national gathering of his followers at the Houston Astrodome. Schedule permitting, TVTV members Michael Shamberg, Allen Rucker & Hudson Marquez, Frank Cavestani and Wendy Apple in person! Before “The Daily Show” sent their “reporters” out into the world for satirical news coverage — before This is Spinal Tap utilized deadpan cinema verité’s to devastating comic effect — and before American Movie and Heavy Metal Parking Lot popularized the comic doc form — there was TVTV. Radical, hilarious and influential, “Top Value Television” was a cathode-ray collective who, through the use of portable, low-tech video gear, gained unprecedented access and crashed everything from presidential conventions, to the Oscars and the Super Bowl. Their philosophy was to use their entertaining, eye-opening work as a means to break free from the stranglehold mainstream broadcasting had on American culture — and, as tonight’s survey proves, they accomplished that goal with every single production they ever created.

Watch Cinefamily’s original trailer for “The Best of TVTV”!

Watch excerpts from “TVTV Goes To The Super Bowl”, featuring a very young Bill Murray!
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