CINESPIA SALON: The Films of Bruce Conner


Our backyard Spanish patio will be open with complimentary snacks and hot drinks for intermission, and DJ Carlos Nino will be here spinning records! Renowned American artist Bruce Conner (November 18, 1933 – July 7, 2008) was seismically influential in a large number of disciplines, was actively involved in the California counterculture, and is known the world over for his work in assemblage, film, drawing, sculpture, painting, collage, and photography. Connor’s film work also established him as a pioneer of the found-footage movement, something near and dear to our hearts here at Cinefamily. Wild, beautiful, humorous, sometimes contemplative and always compelling, Conner’s films are what the Hammer Museum calls “an inspired mix of heartfelt meditation and political satire” — and the artist is thought by many to be the father of the modern music video. Join us as we celebrate Bruce’s life with a collection of his short films from the ‘60s to the ‘80s, including collaborations with Terry Riley, Brian Eno, David Byrne, Devo, Toni Basil and Jay DeFeo. Rarely screened, these films are guaranteed to move and inspire.

Plus, Cinefamily and MOCAtv invite you to the premiere of the documentary series “BRUCE CONNER: The Godfather of Music Videos”, happening Wednesday, Sept. 25th at MOCA Grand Avenue! More info here, and RSVP here.