CINESPIA SALON: Sublime Frequencies presents The Films of Olivia Wyatt

Presented by Cinespia

The new vanguard in ethnography, the Sublime Frequencies collective travels the world collecting field recordings (non-studio recordings of natives playing in situ) with a focus on the music of far-flung cultures, with a keen knack for finding incredible musicians. These rare documents of fragile traditions are lush, bizarre and truly beautiful. With no narration these images are set to the soundscapes of the region: a total sensory immersion into an intoxicating tapestry of sight and sound. Sometimes hypnotic, and other times shredding, the music is incredible and these films are guaranteed to be unique to your world. Cinefamily welcomes filmmaker Olivia Wyatt, who will screen shorts from her travels in Ethiopia, and her latest feature The Pierced Heart and the Machete, a document of the voodoo pilgrimages in Haiti. These week-long journeys on foot show people alternately bathing in the beautiful streams of a sacred waterfall, becoming possessed, and, after the sun goes down, playing traditional voodoo music and dancing in wild frenzies. Join us for a Q&A with Olivia, as she shares with us tales of traveling to the most remote, dangerous and beautiful places on the globe!

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