CINESPIA SALON: Sir Richard Bishop LIVE! (w/ guests Robert Millis and Neil Hamburger)

A special night of rare imagery and genre-defying music by guitar god Sir Richard Bishop, plus A/V performances by Sublime Frequencies artist Robert Millis and comedian/longtime Bishop friend Neil Hamburger. A founding member of ethno-improv weirdo-rock pioneers Sun City Girls (1981-2007, known for their obsessions with UFOs, mysticism, religion and ritual), Sir Richard’s also spent the past decade confounding and astounding audiences as a shape-shifting solo artist. His transcendental emanations and mind-boggling juxtapositions of pan-continental styles have garnered him an international following including Animal Collective, Will Oldham and Devendra Banhart, all of whom he’s toured with extensively. This time he’s in town for the release of his new platter, Tangier Sessions, a largely improvised album recorded during a brief stay in Morocco. With influences from Django Reinhardt to Jimmy Page to his own Middle Eastern musical heritage, one thing’s for certain: we can tell you roughly what you’ll be seeing tonight, but with Sir Richard, you never know what you’re going to get. And, whatever it is will Blow. Your. Mind.

Watch a live excerpt from Sir Richard Bishop!
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