CINESPIA SALON: Jib Kidder, live!

Listen to excerpts from Jib Kidder’s IV on his Bandcamp page!

“Undiscovered genius.” We thought the term had completely vanished, in an age where something can become a worldwide phenomenon mere hours after it’s made/posted. But Cinespia and Cinefamily have found a new brilliant, homegrown artist — one about whom our excitement is reaching a fever pitch. First we heard his awesome new album IV: beautiful, melodic and soaring, but also rocking and driving. Then we found out Jib’s also a video artist, and that he’d made videos for all eleven of the songs on IV: found-footage collages of everything from vintage commercials to home video — hilarious, strange, poignant and incredibly entertaining. THEN we found out J.K.’s been making music and video art for years, with 13 albums out, and dozens of these genius videos. Luckily, Jib likes us too, and is heading out to Cinefamily for a rare live performance just for us. He’s curating a night of his videos, with live music and a live “subversion” that will allow us to “see through the cracks” in YouTube (we can’t wait to see what that means!) If you’ve enjoyed past Salon music nights (from Julia Holter to Sublime Frequencies), you’ll DEFINITELY not want to miss this. Don’t sleep! DJ Carlos Nino will be here to spin rare & beautiful wax, plus the back patio will be open with snacks and drinks!

Watch Jib Kidder’s video for “Living In U”!
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