CINESPIA SALON: Chris Marker Shorts (feat. La Jetee)

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First coming to fame during the explosive French New Wave movement of the Sixties, the prolific writer/photojournalist/documentarian/filmmaker/multimedia artist Chris Marker was active for decades, before he left us too soon at the age of 91. This politically bold globetrotter made highly personal experimental films, took reams of photographs and published books right up until his passing in 2012 — and in tribute to this adventurous, sublime and fascinating director, we present a shining selection of his short films.

La Jetée (1962, 28 min.) was Marker’s breakthrough film, an instant sci-fi masterpiece that propelled him to international fame. Later adapted by Terry Gilliam into 12 Monkeys, it’s story of a time travel experiment after WWIII. Told almost entirely with still images, La Jetée is simultaneously a love poem, a sci-fi fable and a philosophical treatise. There’s no film quite like it, as it matches formal brilliance with resonant, beautiful and heartbreaking emotion. Don’t miss this rare theatrical screening!

The Sixth Side of the Pentagon (1967, 26 min.)
In 1967, 100,000 protesters gathered in Washington, D.C., for the Mobilization to End the War in Vietnam. The Yippies attempt to levitate the Pentagon building and exorcise the evil within by means of meditation and chanting, one of the most daring and strange moments of the counterculture movement. Marker was there with multiple camera crews to document.

Junkopia (1981, 6 min.)
A whimsical short film about a beautiful and rugged sculpture garden made of junk in the marshes of the San Francisco Bay.

Cat Short Films
Two of the many cat films Marker made throughout his life. He loved cats.

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