Sects, Cults and Mind Control Mix Night (feat. "Fear Is The Master"!)

God Is Dead. “So now what?”, asked a generation of soul seekers. Maybe God was now instead a guru, a space alien, a fresh-faced kid, an ex-convict drifter? Maybe God is — us? On the road to enlightenment, those looking long and hard for The Answer in the arms of seemingly attractive, newly-minted cult movements often found corruption, violence, and even madness — leaving decades’ worth of impossible, incredible and indelible documents in their wake. It’s no understatement to say that Cinefamily has collectively been obsessed with this subject possibly more than any other in our history; tonight, we’ll give you a guided tour down these yellow brick roads to the Ultimate Now with archival news broadcasts, Hollywood’s fictional treatments and rare video from the cults themselves. Belief systems that are beyond belief — the sect that worshipped a Hawaiian Punch-swigging adolescent — Moonies, Krishnas, Est, the Children of God, Love Israel, Heaven’s Gate, onwards and upwards! Plus, we’ll be screening one of Cinefamily’s all-time favorite outrageous documentaries: Fear Is The Master, about the Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh cult that swallowed an entire Oregon town whole. Using sex rituals and backwards assaultive psychotherapy to grind down all individuality, Rajneesh and his minions carried out one of the most terrifying and unique spiritual missions ever conceived on American soil — which makes for no less than one of the best documentaries ever on the cult phenomenon.

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