Cinefamily Prom Dress Shopping!

Hello, Cineladies and Cinegents!

Cinefamily High is ready for our first annual SENIOR PROM!! Needless to say, as the party maven of the Cinefamily, I am beyond excited to bring this bash to you all! While me and the Cinefamily prom committee (a lovely team of Cinefamily volunteers who have committed to crepe ‘n decorate ‘n party with me leading up to the Prom) are bustling like busy bees, the one thing I keep hearing from everyone I talk to about the prom is: WHAT WILL I WEAR!!!??!?

I thought my first blog post here on the newly re-launched blog should address this question, as it also happens to be about two of my favorite things in the world: fancy dresses and shopping!

I’m about to share one of my very special L.A. secrets with all the Cineladies out there….and this is no small thing. This might be one of my top five shopping secret weapons (the other four of which I am sure I will eventually disclose on the Cineblog). I hesitate to tell you, but something inside me says “Share, Suki! There are ladies who need dresses out there!”


Hidden in the depths of the industrial district east of Echo Park, near St. Vinneys, lays an oasis of fashion. A land where no boys are allowed (not a joke), and the dresses are in primo condition. A warehouse of wonders…I’m getting a little emotional now…

Shareen Vintage is a dream come true. A place that you have to be looking for in order to find, but, oh man, what a find. It’s full of rack after rack of Shareen’s personally curated collection of amazing garments. AND, the most amazing part: most of the dresses will run you between $40 and $100!

This is where I will be buying my prom dress, and now it’s probably where you will be buying your prom dress too! Check out her web site and, seriously, do yourself a favor and swing by.

And, sorry — but no, I will not be wearing this to Prom ;)