SUPER LONG MOVIE CLUB: Pre-Thanksgiving Potluck + "Nymphomaniac": Director's Cut

To kick off our special presentation of the uncut, 5 1/2-hour Nymphomaniac, we start with a potluck on the Cinefamily back patio. As this comes but a few weeks before Thanksgiving, we want you to either: 1) bring your A-game, and wow everyone with your signature Thanksgiving specialty; or, 2) give a whirl to a Thanksgiving dish you’ve always wanted to perfect. No bags of chips or drinks, please — we wanna see your full creativity bloom in dish form!

2:00pm – “Thanksgiving: The Prequel” potluck!
2:45pm – Nymphomaniac: Director’s Cut, pt. 1
approx. 5:30pm – intermission
approx. 5:45pm – Nymphomaniac: Director’s Cut, pt. 2

Sadomasochism. Pedophilia. Homosexuality. All three sexual predilections feature in Lars von Trier’s 2013 piece de resistance, leaving those in the know asking: yes, and then what? Over the last two decades, the director has become so synonymous with explicit content that he’s freed himself from normal standards of shock. The focus here is the confessional tale spun by Joe (Charlotte Gainsbourg), for the older stranger, Seligman, (Stellan Skarsgard), as she recounts her lifelong obsession with sex. Layered with artistic, religious, and pop culture references — as well as a river of dark, self-reflexive humor — the film is pure von Trier: at its most comfortable when its at its most provocative. Today’s presentation is the original Director’s Cut of the film, with 90 minutes’ worth of restored subplots, crazy character moments and more bounce to the ounce.

Watch Cinefamily’s original trailer for “SUPERLONG MOVIE CLUB: Nymphomaniac – Director’s Cut”!