Dine on the best of the rest of our collective Thanksgiving meal, while we luxuriate in the new DCP restoration of Michael Cimino’s lavish revisionist Western Heaven’s Gate. Take those cranberries, stuffing, taters and last bits o’ bird (plus anything else left over from your holiday feasting) and get creative — bring a dish!

One of the all-time audacious apexes of cinematic ambition, this 1980 follow-up to Oscar-winning filmmaker Michael Cimino’s lauded The Deer Hunter was hugely dismissed upon its first release — and it’s the historical diminishment of Kris Kristofferson’s consummate performance that remains perhaps the most lasting lament from the film’s initial fallout. A significant amount of Heaven’s Gate’s retroactive appeal is due to its leading man’s natural charisma, a beautiful balance between moral zeal and suave romanticism as Kristofferson portrays a U.S. Marshal navigating expansive landscapes of immigrant combat and itinerant passions in 19th century Wyoming, along with an astounding supporting cast of Christopher Walken, Isabelle Hupert, Jeff Bridges, John Hurt, Sam Waterson, Brad Dourif, Joseph Cotten and Mickey Rourke. Come spend a lazy Saturday afternoon with us, catching up with both a neglected classic and what’s arguably the finest performance in Kris’s career of captivating characters.
Dir. Michael Cimino, 1980, DCP, 216 min.

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