CINEFAMILY INDEPENDENT MIXER: Towheads (filmmaker/star Shannon Plumb in person!)

Co-presented by FANDOR

Filmmaker/star Shannon Plumb in person — plus, one lucky audience member will win a Roku HD, courtesy of Fandor! Friends and film lovers — we’ve started a new series here at Cinefamily, in which we invite a young, upcoming filmmaker to join us and share their newest work. It’s a chance for you, the audience, to see some fresh new talent, get the latest on what’s going on in the indie film world — and to give the young turks a big Cinefamily-style welcome. That means not just a screening/Q&A, but a party on our backyard Spanish patio afterwards, with vittles and libations, of course! This month, we bring you Towheads, the surprising and playful first feature-length work by talented NYC gallery artist/experimental filmmaker Shannon Plumb. Somewhere between the works of Buster Keaton and Cindy Sherman, Plumb’s new film focuses on the misadventures of a bored housewife, whose desire for exploration leads her to adopt a series of alternate personas — ones harsh and humorous, strange and affecting. This is a special new movie, and we completely understand how it got selected for the Sundance Artist Selects program, so check it out with us!
Dir. Shannon Plumb, 2013, digital presentation, 85 min.

Watch the trailer for “Towheads”!
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