Not to be confused with Skatetown U.S.S.R., this film is as American as baseball, preemptive strikes and large-breasted women in tight polyester. Dozens of movie clichés are thrown in a blender and then poured all over a mirror ball and refracted onto the Skatetown U.S.A. roller rink, where everyone from Flip Wilson to Billy Barty to Scott Baio to Ruth Buzzi to Dorothy Stratton collide headfirst with Patrick Swayze (in a smoldering debut as bad boy disco skate gang leader “Ace”.) This insane and entertaining movie has romance, drug humor, blindsiding slapstick violence and a motorized skate race on a pier that compares with the chariot race in Ben Hur, but staffed by Air Supply lookalikes. Alongside the garish clothes and DJs magically shooting lasers out their fingers is some honestly terrific skate choreography — and Marcia Brady making out with Horshak from “Welcome Back, Kotter.” In short, it’s The Rock and Roller Disco Movie Of The Year! DJ Dia (KSPC) will be here to spin tunes before and after the film!
Dir. William A. Levey, 1979, 35mm, 98 min.

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