CinemaDiscotheque presents The Last Days of Disco (Whit Stillman in person!)

“How did Stillman pull off something as genuine and persuasively fresh as ‘The Last Days of Disco’, and why does it continue to sparkle, more than a decade after its making, with more glittering facets than a mirrored ball?” — David Schickler, Criterion Collection

Amongst the glamor of disco, the glitz, the coke, the dancing and the carefree sex, Whit Stillman guides his trademark coterie of young, urbane wits (and their impossibly cool witticisms) through the backdrop of the early ‘80s disco nightclub death rattle — and the results are an effervescent blast. The third and final film in Stillman’s self-described “Doomed Bourgeois In Love” trilogy, The Last Days Of Disco features a trademark killer cast (Chole Sevigny, Kate Beckinsale, Mackenzie Astin and the always-on-point Stillman veteran Chris Eigeman) learning the ropes of mid-twentieshood the sharply humorous Ivy League way: with sparkling verbal gymnastics and uptown savvy interwoven throughout Stillman’s buoyant tapestry of living, loving, fighting and fucking. Join filmmaker Whit Stillman in person for a very special inaugural CinemaDiscotheque screening and party! We’re gonna dance all night like it’s 1980 — except without the yeyo, long club lines and rampant gonorrhea!

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