Cinefama Pajama Party IX: Death Becomes Her!

You didn’t forget our anniversary, DID YOU?? It’s been one full calendar year of craft stations, photo booths, gelato, movies, and dance parties since our very first Cinefama Pajama Party! We’ve sure been through a lot together in that time (including a few pies and pillows in the face), and we can’t WAIT to bring you even more fun times in your jammy-jam-jams. Join us as we celebrate the Pajama Party getting one year older with the Halloween comfort food movie classic (that’s right, classic) Death Becomes Her, the nuttiest comedy ever about getting older. Robert Zemeckis’s wacky slapstick take on lady problems is a BLAST — straight through the stomach (remember those awesome early CGI and rad silly makeup effects?) Meryl Streep and Goldie Hawn star as viciously competitive frenemies who get a little help from a topless ‘n bedazzled Isabella Rossalini and a glowing vial of vile eternal youth Hpnotiq from inside a Fabrige egg! Stick around after the movie for our ritual dance party (with tunes from DJ Ghoul Skool), shots of Fountain Of Youth goo, Pazzo Gelato and shotgun-through-the-stomach cookies! And come WEARING YOUR P.J.s! Don’t look at us like that — you know you’re already wearing them.
Dir. Robert Zemeckis, 1992, 35mm, 104 min.

Watch Cinefamily’s trailer for Cinefama Pajama Party: “Death Becomes Her”!