Cinefama Pajama Party: Girlfriends!

Let’s be real here for a minute, ladies. We have all had that one friendship: the one that started in kindergarten with the sharing of a Hostess cupcake, the one between you and the college roommate you really connected with, or the one with the bestie you met last year (but whom you felt you’d known forever.) Join us for a pajama-rama celebrating best gals, featuring Claudia Weill’s Girlfriends, the groundbreaking ‘70s slice of single-lady downtown NYC life starring Melanie Myron (“thirtysomething”), Bob Balaban and Christopher Guest! Touching on some of the more complicated parts of lady friendship, Girlfriends has been praised by Tiny Furniture director/star Lena Dunham for its “complex relationships, the subtlety, the odd comedy that was awkward long before awkward was cool.” So bring your best friend, your bestie’s bestie, your mom, your best friend’s mom and YOUR MOM’S BEST FRIEND! This is really a movie for girlfriends to watch together, so come watch it with us — and join us on the Cinefama Pajama-style back patio with a bar, DJ, and dance party! Because, really, what’s better than tossing a few back and dancing your heart out with your BFF? Girlfriends writer/director Claudia Weill will be here for a Q&A after the screening!

Dir. Claudia Weill, 1978, 35mm, 86 min. (Archival 35mm print courtesy of the Warner Archive Collection)

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