Cinefama Pajama Party: Daisies (5/19, 10pm)

Daisies is a bubbling and buoyant spring of irrepressible female creativity; it is an overflowing audio-visual bouquet of color, music and texture; it is a freewheeling and effervescent farce, a formal free-for-all, a paradoxical mixture of bourgeois indulgence and cultural critique, and it’s your next favorite movie. Two young Czech girls (both named Marie) decide that the world is so corrupt that they might as well join in, and they do so with wild abandon — prancing, food-fighting, pranking old men, carousing in nightclubs and creating anarchy everywhere they go. Director Vera Chytilova’s love of cinema’s potential is both playful and palpable, as exuberant as the spirit of the two “daisies” whose misadventures have surprising weight and meaning. Banned upon its release by the Czech government, Daisies has become a major cult favorite thanks to its dazzling setpieces, charismatic and fashionable art-girl heroines, and an infectious sense of fun that’s as potent today as it was when it first premiered behind the Iron Curtain. Join us after the film for a femme, fun-filled Pajama party evening of creative/destructive proportions! Adorn your noggin at our flower crown-making station! Giggle wildly while you snap a pic in our cake fight photobooth! Daintily knock back some champagne! Dance your butts off with our DJs (note: we will not be allowing any swinging from the chandeliers — but you can dance as though you are!!) C’mon, wildflowers, this night was MADE for you!
Dir. Vera Chytilov√°, 1968, 35mm, 74 min.

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