CINEFAMILY DE MAYO Pinata Party (feat. Aventurera, The Three Caballeros & HFS: That's Mexploitation!)

3:30pm – Doors/Patio Party
5:30pm-ish – Aventurera
7:30pm – Pinata Party, Phase I
8:30pm – Disney’s The Three Caballeros
9:45pm – Pinata Party, Phase II
10:30pm-ish – HFS: That’s Mexploitation (feat. La Venganza de los Punks!)

¡Hola, Cinefamilia! Like a kid with divorced parents that gets to celebrate his birthday twice, our varied Angeleno heritage means we get not one, but two jingoistic/patriotic nationalist BBQ blowouts per year! Who needs to wait for 4th of July to party — it’s Cinco De Mayo, so vamanos, amigos! For us here at the Cinefamily, it means a great reason for a Mexican movie marathon full of musicals, melodramas, merriment, machine guns and margaritas. ¡Enchiladas y entertainment! ¡Cervezas y cinema! ¡Piñatas y películas! Oh, and a mariachi band, too. Come spend the sunny dia (and starry noche) with our full-force fiesta of films. ¡Odalé, compadres!

First in our fiesta is a fantastic introduction to the joys of 50s Mexican cinema, and the Rumbera film genre: a hothouse hybrid of film noir, “woman’s pictures”, soap opera, and Hollywood B-musical — with stories centered on female cabaret performers, and the trials and tribulations these sexy spitfires go through. Aventurera is one of the most infamous and stellar examples of the genre we could find — an overheated and outrageous marvel of melodrama from Mexico’s golden age of cinema. It’s like watching an entire telenovela, telescoped down to its most fast-paced twists, shot B&W in classic Hollywood style, and with added Latina burlesque numbers. Starring world-famous rumba dancer Ninón Sevilla (one of the five “Tropical queens of the Rumbera” and described by Variety as a cross between Rita Wayworth and Carmen Miranda), Aventurera is a major rediscovery, and is sure to knock your zapatos off! Our screening of Aventurera comes from an archival 35mm print flown in all the way from Mexico!
Dir. Alberto Gout, 1950, 35mm, 101 min. (Archival 35mm print courtesy of Filmoteca CINE UNAM)

“A giddy animators’ showcase about birthday boy Donald Duck running amok in Mexico with feathered friends José Carioca and Panchito. Caballeros boasts a breezy, exhilarating lightness and a refreshing undercurrent of perversity. Donald Duck spends much of the film leering at live-action beauties in ways that would make Tex Avery’s Big Bad Wolf blush, Panchito is a sombrero-wearing, pistol-toting maniac, and the film is graced by some of the trippiest, most casually psychedelic animation this side of Fantasia. Freed from having to convey ideas more involved than ‘Donald Duck goofs around in tropical locales with his new buddies,’ the animators let their imaginations run wild, plunging into delirious abstraction, kaleidoscopic compositions, and charmingly primitive stabs at integrating animation and live-action. It’s a holiday of a movie animated by a sense of fun and frivolity that is blissfully universal. Seldom has Disney’s unofficial status as America’s foremost goodwill ambassador felt more official or justified.” — Nathan Rabin, A/V Club
Dir. Norman Ferguson, 1944, 35mm, 72 min.

Mommy, what’s a HFS night? Well, HFS nights are Cinefamily’s monthly signature screening series of the wildest and weirdest cinematic wonders of the world that can blow your mind and put a smile on your face, may or may not be hazardous to your health, renew or destroy your faith in humanity, but just might change your life. We promise. Each night opens with a homemade long-form video montage of found-footage madness and brain-boiling nuggets focused on the subject at hand.

To modify what our Mexican mamasitas told us about a good man, a real HFS movie should be ¡feo, fuerte…y febril! Ugly… strong….and….feverish! For pure brute in-your-face shameless emotional catharsis, nothing will satisfy your needs for mustachioed melodrama and spitfire sensuality like a good Mexploitation movie. So for Cinco De Mayo, your HFS tour guides are gonna take you on a tour of a world full of machine guns and machismo, brujas and barbarians, nitwit nacos and spicy señoritas. After serving up clips the wildest, weirdest movies from the bottom of the barrio, we bring you la flor y nata: LA VENGANZA DE LOS PUNKS! This post-Road Warrior mis-rendering of “punk” subculture is a violent, crazed clownshow of multi-colored Afro attitude and Viking casual wear — complete with quasi-Satanic ceremonies led by real-life Mexican wrestler El Fantasma (donning a rainbow sherbert KKK hood, and accompanied by naked Frazetta femme dancers.) After these punk escoria rape and machine-gun the wrong quinceañera, a Hispanic Charles Bronson lookalike goes on a vengeance streak that outdoes Death Wish 3 for the innovativeness of his kills. Don’t miss this mondo Mexploitation menudo of madness — IT’S MANDATORY!
La Venganza de los Punks Dir. Damián Acosta Esparza, 1987, digital presentation, 90 min.

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