Chris Marker's "Le Joli Mai" (brand-new restoration!)

Two of French cinema’s greatest artists — Chris Marker (director of La Jetée, Sans Soleil) and Pierre Lhomme (cinematographer of The Mother and The Whore, Army of Shadows) — come together to create one of the Sixties’ most emotionally revealing documentary triumphs! Inspired by a revelatory viewing of the watershed “Direct Cinema” doc Primary (made in part by Pennebaker, Leacock and one of the Maysles), Marker and Lhomme weave together the essay film and a penetrating social survey into one, using revolutionary lightweight camera/sound gear to capture the sights, sounds and pure sensory input of Paris, circa ‘62. Dozens of hours’ worth of footage shaped into a an epic portrait reveal a vibrant undercurrent: the African immigrant, the mother of eight, the young lovers, the suit salesman, the ex-priest, the kooky seamstress with the unnatural love of cats. With delicate English-language narration by Simone Signoret (Diabolique), Le Joli Mai employs “the heightened reflexes of a curious listener seeking out the familiar places and faces, in a city gasping and chuckling with life, for unfamiliar sensations born of empathy and the thrill of discovery.” (Film Comment)
Dirs. Chris Marker & Pierre Lhomme, 1962, DCP, 145 min.

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