Chocolat (New 35mm Print!)


Auteur Claire Denis’ 1989 Chocolat is a film of rare subtlety—delicately composed, narratively precise, clearly and vividly seen through the eyes of a young French girl. In colonial Cameroon, the girl—conspicuously named France—settles with her parents, who endeavor to impose a miniature French estate on a swath of desolate African landscape. During her father’s long absences between social commitments, France and her mother are left with their African staff, from which Protée, the houseboy, stands out—both because of his deep relationship with France and the sexual tension brewing between him and France’s mother. Denis masterfully directs a kind of understated but acute drama, capturing violent racial and sexual tension without explicit address, in quiet and contemplative scenes where each and every gesture and glance bears weight. Screening in a new 35mm print!

Dir. Claire Denis, 1988, 35mm, 105 min.

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