Al Pacino: Theater & Film Opening Night - Feat. Chinese Coffee and a Conversation with Al Pacino

This evening is hosted by Al Pacino, and will include not just an introduction, but a full-length conversation with the audience about his origins in theatre, and the challenges of adapting plays to film. In this personal project shot over three years, Pacino directed and starred in this adaptation of recently passed Ira Lewis’ poignant play about two middle-aged bohemians assessing the wreckage of their failed artistic dreams via their strained friendship in Greenwich Village circa 1982. Filled with characterizations and feeling evoking the world of struggling New York artist Pacino cut his teeth in, Chinese Coffee is both an homage to his roots, a portrait of a potentially forgotten world (and in an alternate universe one that Pacino could have stayed inside of), along with a powerful statement about the impact of jealousy and regret on both friendship and artistic accomplishment.
Dir. Al Pacino, 2000, 99 min.

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