Children of the Corn III: Urban Harvest (cast/crew reunion screening!)

NOTE: This screening will start at 12:15AM, rather than the typical Friday Night Frights midnight start time.

Truly one of the zaniest and most wildly entertaining installments of any horror franchise EVER! In the grand tradition of later horror sequels (in which the mayhem relocates to some far-flung locale like outer space, da hood or the Big Apple), James D.R. Hickox’s Children of the Corn III: Urban Harvest deliciously mutates Stephen King’s original story and brings the murderous culty whelps to the urban jungle of 90′s Chicago; child actor Daniel Cerny delivers an awesomely creepy performance as the pious Eli, who isn’t going to let the obstacles of city life get in the way of his harvesting of a corn demon to reap unholy vengeance on this mild, midwestern Sodom and Gomorrah. On top of that, his adoptive uncle just happens to be caught in the web of an…international corn conspiracy? Kernel for kernel, you can’t beat Urban Harvest‘s audacity or insanity — and, you’re in for a truly unique theatrical experience, as our Friday Night Frights screening marks the straight-to-video COTC3’s first theatrical screening in…possibly ever! Come stalk next to “He who walks behind the rows” for the most terrrifying, corntastic event of this harvest season! Director James D.R. Hickox, cinematographer Gerry Lively, writer Dode Levenson, Daniel Cerny (“Eli”) and Jim Metzler (“William”) will all be here to introduce the film!
Dir. James D.R. Hickox, 1995, HD presentation, 92 min.

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