TV TUESDAYS: Childhood Haunts w/ Leigh Whannell (writer of "Saw" and "Insidious"!)

Locked away in the dusty corners of our memory banks, we all have a secret stash of half-remembered nightmarish moments from our early viewing habits that still, to this day, shake our spines with a humongous reverb-coil KLANG!!!! “All I remember is the clown in the window, holding the knife…”, “What’s the movie where the midget gets his fingers blown off in the explosion?”, “There were some kids…and a big bearded guy chasing after them with a rifle…” — did these films actually exist, or did we just dream them? In this new residency, Cinefamily journeys through the freaky-deaky memories of our childhood viewing experiences — those pivotal pieces of films and TV that pretty much screwed us up for life — to explore the depths of our collective movie-watching subconscious.

For the residency’s kickoff, we’re proud to pick the brain of Leigh Whannell, screenwriter behind the iconic Saw and Insidious horror franchises. Plus, as the centerpiece of the night, we’ll watch highlights from Leigh’s most fondly remembered pre-pubescent freakout: the haunting BBC ’80s sci-fi miniseries Chocky!

Watch the totally eerie opening credits of “Chocky”!
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