Chewing (presented by Hellfyre Club, world premiere plus live instrumental sets!)

To accompany the world premiere of their new tour documentary Chewing, L.A. hip-hop label/organism Hellfyre Club brings live DJ and beat sets by Busdriver, Scallops Hotel, Kenny Segal, and VerBs! How do you imbue the importance of a song onto a mass? Can something as immaterial as music leave an enduring mark? For artists like the members of Hellfyre Club, the answers are found by tirelessly touring North America. A chronicle of Hellfyre’s recent DIY journey in support of their 2014 mixtape “Dorner vs. Tookie”, Chewing finds Busdriver, Nocando, Open Mike Eagle, and Milo circling both America and Canada, ripping it up live and in the studio, and sounding off on the state of rap, the indie music economy and what ails the nation. Shot from the most unassuming of perches by frequent Hellfrye collaborator WC Tank, Chewing’s winding, humorous narrative gives us a crystalline glimpse into each of the musicians’ own singular, abstract and highly personal styles.

Watch the trailer for “Chewing”!
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