Cheech and Chong's Next Movie

Up In Smoke showcased Cheech and Chong’s gift for spacey verbal zingers, but here their gifts for physical humor, seemingly improvised hysterical rock songs and brilliant cinematic non-sequiturs get a solid workout, resulting in what most C&C aficionados consider their funniest and most solid film work. Traditional narrative goes completely out the window as our heroes stumble across the vast network of L.A.’s neighborhoods, from Boyle Heights to Hollywood, through sketches of pissed-off neighbors, ear-shattering biker rock jams, chaotic movie soundstages, space alien coke dealers, barrio thug stand-offs, the first film appearance of Paul Ruebens, and party-crashing jaunts into the realms of the upper class. Next Movie also gives Chong a broad canvas upon which to flex his new directing muscles, as the film features some stealthy examples of his surprisingly kick-ass filmmaking; the extended Jacques Tati-like “welfare office” sequence is a masterful collision of gritty realism, urban paranoia and insane bits of cackling comedy business. Earthier and more blissfully whacked-out than its predecessor, Next Movie brought C&C into the ’80s in grand style.
Dir. Tommy Chong, 1980, 35mm, 99 min.

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