Charlie Chaplin Shorts

When the Tramp’s name is invoked, one immediately thinks of the most beloved of all silent comedy features: The Gold Rush. City Lights. Modern Times. Besides their effortless ability to elicit laughs from even the most hardened cynic, part of their genius comes from their meticulousness, their deliberate strides that could only come from a master artist who took his time controlling every creative aspect. Chaplin achieved that level of artistry after tirelessly honing his timing, his persona and his filmmaking through a decade’s worth of inventive and satisfying one- and two-reelers that solidified him as the most versatile, lovable comedic performer of his era, and an icon of world cinema whose very silhouette instantly warms hearts and raises smiles. Join us for a night of the rarely-screened and the very best from Chaplin’s first ten years of movie stardom: The Idle Class, A Day’s Pleasure and Sunnyside.
The Idle Class Dir. Charles Chaplin, 1921, 35mm, 32 min.
A Day’s Pleasure Dir. Charles Chaplin, 1919, 35mm, 19 min.
Sunnyside Dir. Charles Chaplin, 1919, 35mm, 30 min.