Charlie Chaplin in "The Kid" + "A Dog's Life" (Father's Day Matinee!)

“But it was in The Kid that Chaplin seemed to realize, at last, precisely what was required.” – Walter Kerr, The Silent Clowns

In celebration of Father’s Day, The Cinefamily presents two of Chaplin’s most moving and beloved films: The Kid and A Dog’s Life. Chaplain’s co-star in A Dog’s Life, “Scraps,” is a mutt cast from the LA Pound, who the Little Tramp saves from a pack of mongrels and who, through a series of hijinx leads the down-on-his-luck Tramp and his dance hall girlfriend to a better life. A massive success, A Dog’s Life was Chaplin’s first movie to make $1 million, leading him to direct The Kid, his first feature-length film. In The Kid, the Tramp adopts an abandoned toddler (Jackie Coogan) whom he discovers in an alley, and raises him to become his sidekick in a variety of schemes and cons.The Kid is a moving and hilarious portrait of paternal love and the landmark work of genius, in which Charlie the jester blossomed into Charlie the full-blooded actor, whose iconic dignity in the face of comic adversity has continued to make him one of our greatest cinematic treasures.

A Dog’s Life Dir. Charles Chaplin, 1918, 35 mm, 33 mins.
The Kid Dir. Charles Chaplin, 1921. 35mm, 68 min.