The opening shot of No Home Movie, more turbulent than perhaps any other scene from Chantal Akerman’s body of work, is a tree struggling frame-left as it is violently whipped by an unrelenting, gale-force wind. Clocking in at just under four uncut minutes, this shot readies us for the patient pace of the Belgian auteur’s final masterpiece. We observe Akerman and her mother as they spend time together and apart, primarily within the context of domestic interiors in both Belgium and New York City. With deliberate frames and a calm unfolding of time, certain moments loan themselves to the sensation of gazing upon a large-scale Edward Hopper painting that suddenly and subtly begins to breathe. Awash in some of the final documented interactions between the filmmaker and her adored mother, Akerman doesn’t ask you to understand this work, she just asks you to feel it. Rounding out our involvement in a city-wide retrospective of her work, No Home Movie is an essential experience for the Akerman completist.

Dir. Chantal Akerman, 2015, DCP, 115 min.

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