I Don’t Belong Anywhere opens at the Monica Film Center April 22nd

Co-presented by Women of Cinefamily & La Collectionneuse

News From Home

“Why don’t you send us a photo?” asks Chantal Akerman’s mother in one of the love-anxiety lettres she sends her 21 year old daughter, newly relocated from Belgium to New York City. Mother longs for a picture of her daughter—a visual reassurance—and perhaps she gets one, but the audience will not. News From Home, a beautiful meditation on New York, alienation, and intimacy, passes without a glimpse of Akerman, despite her acute presence. Instead, Akerman shares her persistent, thoughtful gaze with the viewer, her contemplative lense affixing itself to the movements of New York City, with the non-diegetic voice of her mother’s letters laid over the images. Akerman steps back, letting the viewer stand in her place.

Dir. Chantal Akerman, 1977, DCP (Restoration by Cinémathèque Royale de Belgique), 85 min.

I Don’t Belong Anywhere

A solid primer for the uninitiated and a welcome review for the most devoted of viewers, I Don’t Belong Anywhere is an impressionistic tour of Chantal Akerman’s varied yet consistently astounding body of work (comprised of 40+ films!), which—despite constant topical and geographical shifts—consistently lingers on the same essential themes, brought to the fore in candid interviews with Chantal and her long-time editor Claire Atherton. Shy and humble, but also clearly a force to be reckoned with, Chantal emerges as her film language does, each bit of her process suggesting an additional layer of precision to her work.

Dir. Marianne Lambert, 2015, DCP (Courtesy of Icarus Films), 68 min.

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