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In a series of ethereal urban tableaux, a young filmmaker named Anna glides by strangers, lovers, and friends with commensurate aloofness as she travels with her new film through Western Europe. Like Akerman, Anna seems to belong nowhere, equally out of place at home and abroad, amongst domestic women of past generations, and with the ambivalent, disaffected men of the new one. Her meetings reveal a diaspora of Europeans still coming to uneasy terms with the war and the modern era, as well as layers of her own peculiar estrangement – from her sexuality, her heritage, and her modernity as a woman. Anna feels like the personification of Akerman’s camera: elegant, sort of alien, and obsessed with basic quotidian detail (when asked “how was Germany,” Anna answers: “There were curtains on all the windows, tulips on every table, and it was full of Germans”). Anna’s ghostly, geometric worldview is so distinct and persuasive that it is likely to follow you out of the theater.

Dir. Chantal Akerman, 1978, 35mm(Restored by Cinémathèque Royale de Belgique), 120 min.

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