Chafed Elbows + No More Excuses (archival 35mm prints!)

A double shot of Downey, Sr.’s anarchic NYC counterculture gems. In Chafed Elbows, hapless Walter Dinsmore undergoes his annual November breakdown at the World’s Fair, has a love affair with his mother, recollects his hysterectomy operation, impersonates a cop, is sold as a piece of living art, goes to heaven and becomes a rock star — but not necessarily in that order. Downey, Sr. show this ground-zero satire of his Greenwich Village bohemian scene with a still 35mm camera (a la La Jetee), and had the film processed at Walgreens. No More Excuses is the rowdiest of Downey, Sr.’s early films (which is saying a lot), and interweaves five scenarios into one raucous amalgamation, including a dazed Civil War soldier mysterious awakening in modern NYC, the director of the Society for Indecency To Naked Animals speaking from the heart of his crusade to clothe all of God’s creatures, and Sr. visiting the seriously swinging singles scene that is the original T.G.I. Friday’s on the Upper East Side. This one’s unhinged, downright funny and art brut to the max. Both films presented from archival 35mm prints, courtesy of Anthology Film Archives!
Chafed Elbows Dir. Robert Downey Sr., 1966, 35mm, 63 min.
No More Excuses Dir. Robert Downey Sr., 1968, 35mm, 62 min.

Watch an excerpt from “Chafed Elbows”!
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