“In the early sound era, Hollywood made some amazing movies, but few had the sophistication of ’30s playwrights like Eugene O’Neill, Clifford Odets, or Thornton Wilder, let alone the likes of Anton Chekhov or Henrik Ibsen. But the French had Marcel Pagnol, a popular playwright who realized as early as 1931 that cinema could record dramas of complexity and wit…Pagnol’s ‘Fanny’ Trilogy established his reputation worldwide and practically codified French cinema’s ‘tradition of quality’ — in which performance and theme are valued over visual flash — which Pagnol-hating New Wavers would do their utmost to shred decades later. The films themselves are talky and comic, full of worldly, rounded-off characters and flatly naturalist settings, and they’re as French as brie and Jacques Tati.” (Noel Murray, A.V. Club) While it is the third film in the romantic “Fanny” trilogy, César stands on its own as a sumptuous portrait of seaside life, populated by warm characters made even warmer by their decades’ long association with each other. As the titular bar owner plays cards and trades stories with his cronies, he must also take great pains to reunite his long-lost son with the son’s baby mama. A true classic, best seen on the big screen! The evening’s screening will be introduced by Chef Suzanne Goin (of Lucques and A.O.C.!), with a themed reception to follow on the Cinefamily backyard Spanish patio!