Celine and Julie Go Boating (35mm)

Presented by La Collectionneuse & MUBI

Live Set by Cameron Stallones from Sun Araw

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Like a richly-rendered Borges story, Céline and Julie Go Boating is so welcomingly sensual, you’ll be just as tempted to laze in its warm beauty as you will to decipher its labyrinthine puzzles. Jacques Rivette’s gorgeous 1974 exploration of the nature of narrative is one of the most mischievously immersive products of the French New Wave, casually bending time and space, enticing its audience to another realm with its play and luster. Librarian Julie (Dominique Labourier) and cabaret magician Céline (Godard regular Juliet Berto) are the mysteriously linked protagonists who spontaneously form a friendship of the caliber of famous duos from the likes of Daisies and Mulholland Dr; the other realm in question is a Parisian household from a bygone era, revealed in fragmented film-within-a-film memories brought on by magical candies. Rivette’s biggest commercial hit in France, but sadly unreleased on DVD in this country, Céline and Julie is a rarity that demands to be beheld on the big, mesmerizing screen.

Dir. Jacques Rivette, 1974, 35mm, 193 min.

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