Casanova (1927)

One of the most lavish historical epics of the silent era gets its first Los Angeles screening in over twenty years! Ivan Mosjoukine (regarded as the Russian equivalent to Valentino) stars in this light-hearted and opulent version of the classic “Casanova” story. Within a cheery episodic frame, the film bounces our lusty hero from Italy to Austria, to Russia and back again, all in the name of amorous anarchy — until he must choose between the everlasting attentions of Russia’s Catherine The Great and a commoner girl. This late-period silent provides both a signature comedic role for Mosjoukine (whose real-life romantic escapes with his admirers nearly equaled the heat of Casanova’s on-screen travails), and hand-tinted Technicolor sequences (during the “Carnival of Venice” sequence) that thrill on the level of the greatest motion picture art of the era. One of the first silents to get the full loving restoration treatment around the same time as Gance’s Napoleon, Casanova was brought back to the moviegoing public in 1986, and has barely received any theatrical play since then — so join us for a truly rare 35mm experience!
Dir. Alexandre Volkoff, 1927, 35mm, 132 min. (Archival 35mm print courtesy of the UCLA Film & Television Archive)

Watch an excerpt from “Casanova”!
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