Car Wash (Presented by 5 Every Day!) + Summer Foam Party!

Filmed in our very own LA (at a Westlake car wash at the corner of Rampart Blvd. and 6th Street) & one of the best ensembles of the 70′s-( Richard Pryor, Pointer Sisters, & George Carlin to name a few)!

“The car wash seems almost a natural gathering place. The kid on the skateboard whizzes past on a regular schedule. Wives and girlfriends of the workers stop by for brief sessions of fighting and making up. A guy named Kenny, who looks like he stepped out of the fashion ads, stops in and gets a date with the office girl. A man in a head-to-toe cast goes through the wash, considerably shaken. So does a little boy who first throws up on his mother’s Mercedes and, when it’s been washed, throws up on her. All of this is held together by the music, which is nearly wall-to-wall, and by the picture’s tremendous sense of life. It’s one thing to have an idea like this — a zany, sometimes serious day in the life of a car wash — and another thing to make it work. But the screenplay and the direction juggle the characters so adroitly, this is almost a wash-and-wax ‘MASH’” – Roger Ebert

Dir.Michael Schultz, 1976, 35mm, 97 min.

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