Cannibal (director Manuel Martin Cuenca in person!)

Director Manuel Martín Cuenca in person! “Cannibalism pops up with fair regularity now; between the original and remake of We Are What We Are and the TV series Hannibal, it seems a particular kind of obsession/evil that we find interesting. At what point would you eat a human being? Only for survival? Rather than take a melodramatic, religious, or psycho-killer approach, Cannibal is a minimalist thriller, a story of love and pain, stripped of veneer and yet controlled and refined, with a incredible central performance by Antonio de la Torre. Carlos, a men’s tailor who lives a relatively isolated life in Granada, is also a cannibal, killing young, foreign women with few ties who cross his path, preparing their meat and eating, mainly alone, in his small flat. After he eats his neighbour, her sister inquires after her whereabouts. Despite himself, Carlos begins to help Nina, and a strange romance begins. The reasons behind Carlos’ gastronomic interest are never really explored; but then, do they need to be? Cannibal gives us a meditative examination of the strangeness of this particular human heart, without resorting to cheap violence, but instead presenting a meditative study in precision, pain, loneliness and redemption.” (Twitch Film)
Dir. Manuel Martín Cuenca, 2013, DCP, 116 min.

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