Cannibal Ferox

“The following feature is one of the most violent films ever made. There are at least two dozen scenes of barbaric torture and sadistic cruelty graphically shown. If the presentation of disgusting and repulsive subject matter upsets you, please do not view this film.”Cannibal Ferox opening credits warning

Simply one of the most appalling, appealing and amusing of the Italian cannibal movie cycle during the late-’70s and early-’80s. In NYC, a cadre of tough cops (led by porn actor Richard Bolla, a veteran of both Cannibal Holocaust and Debbie Does Dallas) hunts a notorious narcotics dealer (genre stalwart “John Morghen”, aka Giovanni Lombardo Radice), whilst plucky a grad student ventures into the South American jungle to prove for her thesis that cannibalism doesn’t exist. For brevity’s sake, let’s just say that the drug kingpin, the researcher and a torrent of terrorizing natives collide in a horrendous explosion of gross sex, dismemberment and human-feasting-on-human party pleasantries! This notorious vomitorium balances a repulsive amount of hyperbolic violence (a woman suspended on hooks through her breasts, castration, amputation, etc.) with a quasi-breezy tone that benefits from highly quotable, profane dialogue. Add to that a catchy, disco-tinged score by “Budy Maglione” and you’ve got a midnight oddity unlike any other.
Dir. Umberto Lenzi, 1981, 35mm, 93 min. (35mm print courtesy of Grindhouse Releasing)

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